What is a BER Rating?

A BER ( Building Energy Rating) Certificate indicates your buildings energy performance. It is similar to the energy label for household appliances.

The certificate rates your building on a scale for A – G. ‘A’ rated homes are the most energy-efficient and will tend to have the lowest energy bills. ‘G’ rated are the least energy efficient.

There is no pass or fail with a BER Assessment. It is not an inspection.

Your BER is calculated through energy use for space & hot water, heating, ventilation & lighting. The elevation & landscape of the property can even contribute to the final BER!

How to get a BER Certificate

You will need to organise a BER Assessment of your building.
Your Assessor will then give you an Advisory Report with your BER Certificate recommending the best energy saving solutions for your building.

Contact us below and we can organise a BER Assessment for you using independent, non-biased assessors with whom we work.