Benefits of External Wall Insulation

  • Improves the thermal performance of a building
  • Improves BER ( Building Energy Rating)
  • Improves comfort of your home
  • Reduces your carbon footprint
  • Reduces CO2 Emissions
  • Eliminates thermal bridging or ‘heat leakage’
  • Does not reduce internal floor area
  • Renews aging exterior finishes
  • Low maintenance

External Wall Insulation – What is it & how does it work?

This type of insulation solution involves mechanically fixing a layer of external insulation to the exterior wall of the property. This layer is applied to the entire envelope of the building and will prevent heat loss & thermal bridging. A woven fibre mesh is then embedded onto the insulation before being covered with a durable finish to withstand the weather & making the exterior of the property waterproof.

When that stage is complete, a render finish is applied. You can then choose from a variety of different finishes, including textured, pebble-dashed, panelled & smooth in a variety of colours.

This is a non-intrusive procedure & will reduce damp & condensation on the property’s internal walls. Costs vary from property to property so therefore a full onsite survey by our team is required to prepare a quotation but SEAI grants & Electric Ireland Energy Incentives are also available.

How long does external wall insulation take to install?

This depends on the size of the building, site conditions & weather. In certain instances scaffolding may be required or permits may be required. These can add to the timeframe. Generally speaking most jobs take between 2 & 4 weeks from start to finish.

What we use – FAST Ecobuild External Wall Insulation

Sheehy Insulation are registered installers of FAST Ecobuild. The FAST system is designed & manufactured in Europe under strict quality – approved factory conditions. The grey boards used are manufactured by Kingspan ensuring Irish quality standards & suitability for Irish customers. The entire system carries European technical approvals for all its products & has been awarded NSAI Agrèment Certificate No: 12/0368 in compliance with building regulation requirements.

Sheehy Insulation are specially trained contractors for this system & are registered with NSAI as approved external wall insulation installers. NSAI No: IAB/E401

External Wall Insulation is a flexible solution & can be used with most construction types such as solid block, cavity block cavity walls & brick in some areas. It is designed to include buildings up to 6 storeys or 18m high.

FAST Ecobuild have carried out wind load calculations based on EOTA 004, to ensure that the correct FAST adhesive & optimum quantity of mechanical fixings are specified for the various Irish weather conditions & locations.

Window Sills

The FAST Ecobuild reinforced fibreglass concrete window sill simply retrofits on top of the existing sill to provide the necessary clearance for external wall insulation. Unlike competitor’s aluminium sill, the FAST GRC sill does not rattle or clang when struck by heavy rain or hail & can be finished with any masonry finish, paint or render. The fibreglass reinforcement makes the sill extremely robust & once bonded in place is it virtually indistinguishable from a conventional concrete window sill.

The FAST GRC window sill is ready to use & is resistant to adverse weather conditions. It is of high impact strength & maintenance free with no steel to corrode.