Cold Roofs

Attic Insulation is an extremely effective method of reducing the cost of heating your home. Cold attics are attics that are not converted to living spaces nor do they have a heat source. These attics should be insulated at floor level, therefore, keeping the heat in the living area beneath & not in the attic.

The current recommended minimum depth of attic insulation is 300mm achieving a minimum u. value of 0.14. This should be installed in 2 layers, 1 layer fitted snugly between ceiling joists & cross laying the second layer @ right angles to the first layer thus eliminating cold bridging & heat leakage. Fibreglass is available in different depths for different top-up requirements.

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Ventilation in attic areas is always worth checking also. An unventilated attic will lead to attic condensation & moisture build up which the roof timbers could eventually absorb & lead to further problems.

Warm Roofs

Warm Roof Insulation

Recent trends have led to dramatic growth in the utilisation of the roof space as a living area & roof conversion. Proper insulation can make a massive difference in these rooms all year round & make them much more comfortable spaces.

The installation of insulation in loft rooms & roof conversions is a specialist task & is not a DIY project as there are considerations from ventilation, fire protection & building regulations. Several products are available depending on the roof design & construction.

See our technical section to browse solution options & u. values achieved with some products we recommend.

Other Attic Considerations

Attic Stairs

Sheehy Insulation use attic stair hoods made in Fermoy. These are an insulated tent like hood which sits over the attic stairs eliminating drafts & breezes from the cold attic above.

Standard Trap Doors

Trap Doors are backed with fibreglass & edged with a draught seal strip to ensure a draught proof door.

Down Lighters & Recessed Lighting

Down Lighters are huge heat loss contributors. A Rockwool fire proof tube can be fitted above the light to stop breezes & draught being felt below them.